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Mindy Cookman Ratcliff, Photographer

My name is Mindy Cookman Ratcliff. I love my wonderful husband, babies, Mattox James and Marlee Girl, my incredible family, photography, West Virginia University, Kyle Busch, merlot, and singing.


My love of photography blossomed very early in my life and has continued to grow over the years. I remember taking photos of my friends when we were in elementary school, pretending I was a professional photographer. I took many photography projects through the 4-H program, always pestering my family with a flashing camera at the most unflattering times just to snap a shot! In junior high school, I distinctively remember going with friend of mine to the local park and river to take her first modeling shots! This "hobby" as it was for so long was transformed following my wedding when I decided to create my own wedding album...just the way I wanted it! I loved the experience - it was relaxing for me...which then became addictive! I began to learn how to use different software, how to use better photographic equipment, and how to spend a bunch of money on all the props I could find! When my son, Mattox James, was born, I decided after having to return to work that I would start my own business to do something I would truly love! It is because of the love and support I receive from my family that I am able to follow this path, bringing smiles to my client's faces with every photo. It brings me a sense of self satisfaction, worth, and "feel good" that I have never experienced in any other aspect of my professional career!


My portfolio includes a little of everything - Maternity, Newborn, Babies/Children, Families, Seniors, Pets, Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, Wildlife/Nature, Special Events, and Commercial. I enjoy it all!


My photographic style embraces different approaches. There are typically certain aspects of any session or event I cannot control where I have to use my photojournalism skills to capture the moment. Then there are times when I will pose my subjects, incorporating an illustrative style and/or a traditional style. My goal is to learn about my clients prior to a session or event so I am completely aware of the approaches they prefer and what their expectations are so that the end result is great photographs, capturing the little moments we all live for.